Disrespectful Bluegrass, folk songs, and eclectic ditties
for all occasions.


The Catterwailers play an eclectic mix of Bluegrass standards, Folk music, and Catterwailed versions of rock classics. They amuse themselves and their audiences with self deprecating humor and good natured ribbing. Great 3-part harmony compliments a warm 3-instrument blend with plenty of room for solos. Bob Bartosh switches skillfully between Scruggs-style banjo, Mandolin, and Guitar. His soaring tenor gives the Catterwailers their distinctive sound. Dana Teague fills out the instrumental blend with rhythm and lead guitar. His rich baritone anchors the melody or middle part on many tunes. Marc Boomer's dog house bass holds down the bottom. His warm baritone covers the low harmony parts. Marc sings a number of crowd-pleasing novelty tunes that make everyone want to Guacamole All Night Long.

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